Late last year, the Dental Implants: Global Markets to 2023 report, was published detailing the industry’s expected high competition levels and a market to exceed US $6.5 Billion by 2024. With this industry quickly growing, Arazy Group Consultants is excited to work with Etgar Medical, a top player in dental implants, and a unique manufacturer in the medical device industry as well as the aerospace industry under AS9100D.

What Makes ETGAR Medical a Top Player?

With manufacturing capabilities of 300,000 to 400,000 dental items a year, Etgar Medical is positioned extremely well to keep up with growing market demands. The Etgar Medical dental systems, including all various manufacturing stages, is entirely manufactured in house using state-of-the-art machines. Etgar Implants undergo a comprehensive surface treatment (CST) with sandblasting and acid etching techniques that provide maximum bonding and longevity and leave the surface free of residues.

How ETGAR Achieved FDA-510K Clearance

Etgar has completed four applications and received FDA clearance for the ESI Max Implants, EH Mono Implants, ECI Logic Implants and Etgar Prosthetics using LICENSALE.COM, a global medtech platform created by Arazy Group Consultants. After receiving the necessary documents, the Licensale platform prepared the FDA submissions in less than a week allowing Etgar to stay ahead of the high competition with their dental implant system.


ETGAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS was established in northern Israel, in 1991 by Mr. Eliezer Atias (Ex BTL – Blades Technologies Lehavim) as a medical instruments CNC machine processing company. Etgar currently specializes in machining in the fields of aviation, medical equipment, industrial and dental and is a certified supplier of some of the largest companies such as Iscar, Rolls Royce, BTL, Teva, Condor Pacific, IAI-ELTA, Mazor Robotics, Lumenis, Alpha-Bio and more. Today, ETGAR remains a family-owned company, specializing in technically complex, miniaturized, ultra-high precision components machining. Etgar’s products are of uncompromising quality and Etgar is known for their reliability, professionalism, creativity and striving for excellence.

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