MARI%™ – Market Access Readiness Index Score (1-100%)

Do you know exactly how ready your medical and IVD devices are to enter new markets based on their current documentation? The access to this information is available with the MARI%™ – Market Access Readiness Index Score on the new Licensale system, to be released later this year.

The Market Access Readiness Index, exclusive to Licensale, is a computation of your product’s safety and regulatory compliance level to match with the country specific requirements for your selected product, the timeline that will be required to complete the submission, and the average expected time for the authorities to complete their review. The higher the score, the higher your potential success to complete registration in the given country by the effective time suggested by the system.

With Licensale, users can readily see their MARI%™ score for all 125+ countries the system registers in. This information allows users to prioritize and plan their global registration strategy and successfully get their devices to new markets in the most efficient manner possible.

Here is a quick look at the Global Registration Map, highlighting the MARI%™ score