Medical Device Registration in Colombia

Regulatory authority: The National Institute for Surveillance of Medicines and Food (INVIMA) is the competent authority for medical and in-vitro diagnostic devices in Colombia. Prior to manufacturing, selling, importing, exporting, packaging, processing, and/or storing a medical device in Colombia, a company must obtain a Sanitary Register that is issued by INVIMA. According to the activities to be developed, different modalities of registration exist.

Classification: medical devices are divided into four classes (I, IIa, IIb and III) depending on the risk level.

To register a medical or IVD device with the Colombian Authority, the manufacturer must appoint a local company importer to be included in the submission for the registration. Such a company must possess a Certification of Storing and Conditioning Capacity issued by INVIMA. Most products in classes I and IIa can go through an “automatic” registration, which means that shortly (72 hours) after submission INVIMA issues the register, without waiting to complete the technical evaluation.

Timeframe of registration: Medical devices are registered in Colombia within a timeframe of 72 hours for “automatic” registration, and 4-6 months for “regular” registration.

Length of license: Licenses issued in Colombia expire after ten years.

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