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MDSAP Transition Q&A Conference Call Summary

MDSAP Transition Q&A with Health Canada (HC)  December 12, 2018 Conference Call Summary   Top 10 Highlights:   1. The deadline to transition from CMDCAS to MDSAP is January 1, 2019 for medical device license holders of Class II, III, and IV Medical...

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MDSAP Transition Q&A with Health Canada

MDSAP Transition Q&A with Health Canada (hosted by Arazy Group/ Arazy Group will host Health Canada in a conference call at 10AM EST on December 12, 2018 with medical device industry participants to answer individual questions and provide...

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What is a Global Registration Map (GR-MAP™)?

What is a Global Registration Map (GR-MAP™)?   When you are dealing with multiple registrations in many countries around the world, the ability to manage them effectively and remain under control is important. At any given time, you should have access to...

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Kickstart a MedTech start-up initiative

It is not easy to bring a start-up company to success. It is even more challenging for Medtech Start-ups due to the heavily regulated nature of medical devices. For the past 22 years, we have been fortunate to witness incredible inventions and technology developed...

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The GCC healthcare market series: Qatar

An Introduction to Qatar On a peninsula in the Persian Gulf which borders Saudi Arabia lies Qatar, a country roughly as big in size as the US state of Connecticut. The oil-rich nation, which was under British protection until 1971, has a population of 768, 000, with...

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